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The Benefits of Echo® Hydrogen-Enriched Water.

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Synergy Science is proud to lead the hydrogen water revolution.


The Echo® 9 Ultra H2 is a first-ever revolutionary water machine based on a proprietary hydrogen patented technology.

It delivers advanced molecular hydrogen for your body and promotes optimized cellular health, antioxidants, new renewed focus and longevity.

Our water machines create molecular hydrogen or H2. Hydrogen has been backed by hundreds of independent studies to support the body's ability to stop cell-damaging free radicals that are responsible for disease and cancer. We are a hydrogen company who uses water as the vehicle to enter the body.

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Stop Oxidative Stress

Most of the food we eat affects our cells and cause oxidative stress or damage that can't often be repaired. Hydrogen water stops these cytotoxic radicals before they even start.

Drink Clean Water

There are over 24,000 chemicals in bottled water and far worse in your tap water at home. We have equiped our Hydrogen Water Machines with state-of-the-art filtration mechanisms so that you have the cleanest water possible.

Recieve Healthier Hydration

Along with getting clean water, we will also give you antioxidant rich water from the power of molecular hydrogen. Feel Better, look better, and perform better!

Synergy Science, Inc.

It All Starts With...YOU

Our whole purpose is to first, educate and empower you to make the right healthy choices for yourself and those around you. Secondly, provide you the tools to change your health forever and break the chains of bad health.

We pride our selves in making it easy for you to change not just your own health but also the health of those that will follow you. We believe in you and your ability to influence those around you and to empower those that are desperate for a change in their lives, for the better.

" Thousands of world class athletes and everyday people, have benefited from groundbreaking hydrogen infusion therapy, and now you have this same opportunity, too! The Echo® Hydrogen Infusion Machines bring all the benefits of hydrogen therapy and crisp, filtered water to your countertop. "

Mike Adams, The Health Ranger

Used By The Health Industry's Greatest Leaders

"Hydrogen Water is crucial to our health and my family and I only drink Echo® H2 Water from Synergy Science, Inc. "
Ty Bollinger Author, The Truth About Cancer
"Thousands of athletes and everyday people have benefited from groundbreaking hydrogen infusion therapy."
Mike Adams The Health Ranger
"I work with my patients daily to help them better their life through their health. Water is a crucial part of that process. I only recommend Echo® H2 Water."
Terry Rondberg D.C. and Founder of the World Chiropractic Alliance
"Paul has been a missing part of my life. Hydrogen water should be a key part of your health."
Doug Kaufmann Know The Cause Show